110 Abaya pk Chadar ABA22EC Online Pakistan

Abaya. pk Chadar ABA22EC – decorated with patterns of thread Chadars 110 is a stunning rich and beautiful collection of traditional Pakistani chadars. That beautifully blends cultural history with modern fashion.


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Created with careful clean attention to detail. These decorated with patterns of thread chadars are placed to display things to people beautiful and detailed designs that are sure to fascinate anyone who appreciates fine-making things in a high-quality way.

Made from high-quality fabric, the chadars are not only visually attractive but also offer a soft and comfortable feel. Making them ideal for different occasions and seasons.

The sewing patterns of thread on fabric work add a touch of sophistication and art to the overall design. Raising the chadars to a whole new level of rich beauty.

Whether worn for casual outings, religious formal, special events, series of actions, or special events, the 110 Chadar ABA22EC 110 collection is a perfect choice for women who try to hug. They are cultural identity while maintaining a sense of modern style.

With a wide range of colors and patterns available, there’s a chadar to suit every taste and preference. Allowing women to express themselves beautifully through their fashion choices.

Hug the grace and attraction of Pakistani tradition with the Chadar ABA22EC – decorated with patterns of thread Chadars 110 collection, and experience the basic, built-in, important qualities of always-existing beauty and cultural skill woven into each piece.

Weaved Chadars

Texture Name: Chiffon

Texture Composition: Summer Well disposed of Chiffon

Texture Behavior: Lightweight, in a good mood, delicate and stretchable

Season: All

Size: Length 86 Inches – Width 56 Inches

Item Highlights: Chiffon texture, Weaved and Dark tone

Item Description: This has a wonderful multicolor theme setup weaved conveniently on the lines of this Chiffon dark Chadar.


– We suggest launder just – no hand washing.

Multi Theme Chaadar like its name stands apart due to its wonderful theme setup weaved conveniently on the lines of this beautiful dark Chaadar made of Chiffon.

Manufacture and Aspects:

Lie/construction: Chiffon

Length: 86 Inches


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