016 Abaya pk Chadar ABA22EC Online Pakistan

The ABA22EC Chaadar-016 from Abaya. pk is a stunning example of a beautifully decorated with patterns thread chadars.


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Designed with a perfect blend of tradition and rich beauty. These Sindhi chadars are a symbol of grace and sophistication for the modern woman.

The detailed sewing patterns of thread on fabric work the soft fabric adds a touch of expensive thing and comfortable condition to the overall design. Making it a perfect choice for special occasions or daily wear.

The chadar’s generous size makes sure of complete coverage, while the lightweight and breathable material makes sure of comfort throughout the day.

Whether you want to make a statement at an event or simply lift your everyday style. 

The ABA22EC sewing patterns of thread on fabric Chadar 016 promise to be an excellent unusual addition to your clothing, reflecting always-existing beauty and charm.

Weaved Chadars

Threatening dark shade that gives very deep respect to the sensitive Smart Irani 016 Chaadar, in meeting the fascinating grave desire of the wearer. Giving the highminded quality of being believable to have the warm hit of the pleasantly tricky bend Irani Chaadar, a humble blend to the clothing.

Texture: Formal Chiffon.

Organization: 100 percent breathability, Chiffon Texture.

Texture Conduct: Weightless, In a good mood, and Delicate.

Season: Each Season.

Size: 68 inches x 99 inches 2.5 meters.

Item Highlights: Chiffon texture, Standard size length, and Dark tone.

Note: Launder as it were.


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