Abaya pk Nida Pret Abaya Online Pakistan

The Abaya. pk Nida Pret Abaya ABA22VG NUREH is a beautiful and rich and beautiful designed to take by force control of both not showing off acting proud showing lots of skin and style.


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Created with high quality and care. This is part of the Nida fabric Pret collection offered by pk. A famous brand known for its high-quality Islamic clothing. The ABA22VG NUREH abaya features a beautiful and breathable Nida fabric, making sure of comfort while maintaining a beautiful outline.

It’s able to do many different things well designed decorated with nice-looking-behaved artistic additions, embroidered chiffon, and combining modern fashion elements with traditional study of beauty. The soft, silent quiet colors of the ABA22VG NUREH give off a sense of sophistication and simpleness. Making it good for different occasions, from formal gatherings to everyday ready-to-wear.

The beautiful making of things in a high-quality way and attention to detail make it an excellent-quality piece in any modest clothing. With its flowing design and loose-fitting cut, eastern culture. This not only offers extreme not showing off acting proud showing lots of skin but also provides ease of movement. Allowing the wearer to travel safely through their day with confidence and style.

Whether you’re attending a special event or looking for a rich and beautiful daily wear option, the Nida Pret ABA22VG NUREH is a perfect choice, an online store, reflecting the basic, built-in, important qualities of modern modest fashion.

Hug this stunning abaya to make a statement in grace and front-open style.

Drawing or description

Relaxed Pret Easygoing Style Abaya

Brand: pk

Shirt Texture: Nida

Inventory: Fashion Mixed group of things by Abaya Pk

Classifications: Ladies, pk, Fashion Mixed group of things by pk,


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