BEHÖVD Vacuum Flask 1L, Light Green Beige

The BEHÖVD Vacuum Flask is a stylish and practical companion for those who appreciate hot beverages on the go.


This vacuum flask boasts a generous 1-liter capacity, perfect for keeping your favorite beverages. Such as coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, piping hot for hours. Its innovative double-wall insulation technology ensures that hot liquids remain hot and cold beverages stay refreshingly chilled.

Light green color, Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The BEHÖVD Vacuum Flask features an attractive light lime green/beige exterior. Adding a touch elegance to your everyday adventures.

Its durable construction and leak-proof design make it a reliable choice for travel. Outdoor activities, or simply enjoying your favorite drinks at home or the office color codes.

The flask’s convenient twist and pour stopper enable easy, one-handed pouring. While wide mouth opening allows for hassle-free filling and cleaning. Its compact and portable design makes an ideal companion for commuting, hiking, or picnicking.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, tea lover, or an adventurer seeking a reliable hydration solution. The BEHÖVD Vacuum Flask is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Ensuring your favorite beverages are always at the perfect temperature, wherever you go hex code.


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BEHÖVD Vacuum Flask 1L, Light Green Beige
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