KANELSTÅNG Plant stand, rattan, 29 cm

Introducing the KANELSTÅNG Plant Stand, a charming and stylish addition to elevate your indoor greenery. Crafted with exquisite rattan material, this tier plant stands at a height of 29 cm. Offering the perfect showcase for your favorite potted plants or small decorative items.


The natural rattan construction exudes a rustic and organic feel, seamlessly blending with any interior décor, from modern to bohemian.

Its sturdy design ensures stability for your plants, while the open-weave pattern. Adds an airy and light touch, creating an eye-catching display.

With its compact size, the KANELSTÅNG Stand fits snugly in smaller spaces. Such as windowsills, shelves, or countertops, transforming any area into a cozy green oasis.

Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting an indoor garden journey. This delightful rattan indoor plant stands is sure to enhance your living space with its timeless appeal.

Embrace the beauty of nature indoors and let your plants thrive in style with the KANELSTÅNG Plant Stand.


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lkea KANELSTÅNG Plant stand, rattan, 29 cm Available at SandokchaKANELSTÅNG Plant stand, rattan, 29 cm
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