SKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 76×56 cm

SKÅDIS is a versatile pegboard system designed by IKEA,SKÅDIS Pegboard renowned for its utility and functionality.


The pegboard is white in color and measures 76×56 cm, making it a perfect organizational solution for various spaces. Its sleek and basic design allows it to seamlessly blend into any room. Be it a home office, kitchen, craft room, or garage.

The SKÅDIS pegboard features a series of evenly spaced holes where you can insert. And arrange various accessories to customize the board according to your needs.

These accessories include hooks, containers, shelves, and holders. Which can hold items such as stationery, tools, local store, kitchen utensils, and other small objects.

This compliancy makes it an ideal tool for keeping your space tidy. Maximizing storage, and having everything you need within arm’s reach.
Installation is straightforward, and the pegboard can easily mounted on walls, making it a practical and space-saving storage solution.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an organized individual, or simply in need of a flexible storage option. The SKÅDIS pegboard is an excellent choice to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your living or working space.


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lkea SKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 76x56 cm Available at SandokchaSKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 76×56 cm
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