02106 Banarsi Formal Piece Suit Online Pakistan

The Banarsi Formal Piece Suit for Girls – KDD-02106 is a beautiful and rich and beautiful group of performers or objects that gives off grace and charm. This traditional outfit was created with careful clean attention to detail, combining the always-existing beauty of Banarsi fabric with modern design elements.


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The suit features a beautiful Banarsi kurta tunic decorated with detailed patterns and shimmering metallic threads. Adding a touch of expensive things and comfortable conditions to the overall look. The rich fabric drapes beautifully, making it perfect for formal occasions, weddings, special celebrations with fun events, or cultural celebrations.

Completing the group of performers or objects is a matching churidar fitted pants created from comfort and combined in a way to make something better fabric. The churidar offers a snug fit, highlighting the natural curves of the wearer and providing both style and ease of movement.

To raise the outfit further, a beautiful Banarsi dupatta scarf goes along with the set, adding a rich and fancy talent to the overall appearance. The dupatta’s delicate designs and shiny texture improve the sophistication of the outfit.

Whether it is a grand event or a special occasion. The Banarsi Formal Piece Suit for Girls – KDD-02106 is sure to make a lasting impression. Its always-existing attractive quality and extremely clean making things in a high-quality way make it a loved and honored addition to any young girl’s clothing. Perfectly showing the beauty of traditional Indian clothing with a modern touch.

Brand: Senorita

Shirt Fabric: Banarsi

big list of items: Senorita Girls Pret Formal Collection 2023




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