QLM23-CP2 ZP-01 Embroidered Suit Sale Online Pakistan

The stunning Qalamkar Pret decorated with patterns of thread 3 Piece Suit QLM23-CP2 ZP-01, a true expression or form of rich beauty and sophistication.


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This beautiful group of performers or objects is a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern style. Designed to make you stand out on any occasion. Created with careful clean attention to detail. The QLM23-CP2 ZP-01 suit features delicate sewing patterns of thread on fabric that decorate the fabric in a nice-looking-behaved and artistic manner.

The detailed patterns and repeating ideas improve the overall appeal of the outfit, adding a touch of rich and fancy talent. The three-piece suit includes a beautifully decorated pattern of thread kameez tunic. Made more complete or perfect by a pair of matching pants pants QLM23-CP2 ZP-01 suit that gives off grace and style.

To complete the look, a beautifully designed dupatta scarf is included, QLM23-CP2 ZP-01 suit improves the overall rich beauty of the outfit. Made from high-quality fabric, this group of performers or objects is sure of both comfort and the ability to last. Allowing you to move with ease while making a lasting impression at any event.

Hug the attraction of tradition with a modern twist and let this beautiful outfit bring out your inner brillianceQLM23-CP2 ZP-01 suit.

Color: White

Brand: Qalamkar

Shirt Fabric: patterned fabric

big list of items: Qalamkar Casual Pret Collection 2023 Vol-02


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