QLM23-CP2 ZP-04 Embroidered Suit Sale Online Pakistan

The beautiful Qalamkar Pret decorated with patterns of thread Lawn 3 Piece Suits QLM23-CP2 ZP-04 Sanem, is an extremely and amazingly good thing that someone created of rich beauty and sophistication.


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This stunning group of performers or objects combines the finest quality lawn fabric with detailed sewing patterns of thread on fabric, creating a joining together of traditional charm and modern style. The three-piece suit includes a beautiful kameez shirt, comfortable shalwar pants, and a more complete or perfect dupatta scarf.

The kameez features delicate and extremely careful and very clean hand-made sewing patterns of thread on fabric, decorating the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

Adding a touch of rich and fancy attraction to the outfit. The soft and breathable lawn fabric makes sure of a comfortable and beautiful feel. Making it perfect for both formal occasions and casual gatherings.

The color palette of the QLM23-CP2 ZP-04 Sanem suit was thoughtfully chosen. With difficult-to-notice tones that give off sophistication and grace enter your email. The detailed nature of the sewing patterns of thread on fabric, combined with the smoothness of the fabric. This makes this outfit an ideal choice for any fashion-forward woman who tries to make a statement with her extremely clean style.

Whether attending a wedding celebration, slim fit an evening party, or a festive event. The Qalamkar Pret decorated with patterns of thread Lawn 3 Piece Suit QLM23-CP2 ZP-04 Sanem is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. Step into the world of rich beauty and grace with this beautiful group of performers or objects. Designed to lift raise up your fashion game and make you shine with always-existing beauty.

Color: Red

Brand: Qalamkar

Shirt Fabric: Lawn

big list of items: Qalamkar Casual Pret Collection 2023 Vol-02


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