1926 Rang-e-Hayah By Embroidered Suits Online Pakistan

Rang-e-Hayah” decorated with patterns of thread Lawn Suits KL-1926 is very pleasant. Collection of beautifully hand-made lawn suits designed to clearly and accurately show the basic, built-in, important qualities of beauty and grace.


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This beautiful under-a-spell line of clothing places to display things to people a perfect joining together of traditional the study of beauty and modern fashion. Serving is controlled by the modern woman who appreciates always-existing rich beauty. Each piece in this collection features delicate sewing patterns of thread on fabric that add detailed detailing and charm to the outfits. 

The high-quality lawn fabric makes sure of a comfortable and breathable experience, making it ideal for warm weather. The color palette was carefully collected. Offering a range e haya of full-of-life hues and soft pastels that thing that make something else complete or perfect for different skin tones and occasions.

The designs in Rang-e-Hayah strike a good balance between classic repeating ideas and modern patterns. Making them able to do many different things well enough for casual wear and formal events alike signup. Whether it’s a family gathering, an evening party, or a casual outing. These lawn suits are sure to make a lasting impression.

decorated with patterns of thread Lawn Suits KL-1926’s Rang-e-Hayah collection is a celebration of the qualities that make a woman, style, and cultural history. Offering women a chance to hug the quality that makes something stand-alone or look different while staying rooted in their traditions.

With is unlike any other thing in the world related to high-quality work and attention to detail. This collection is a must-have for any fashion-conscious woman looking to elevate her clothing with rich beauty and sophistication.

Color: Black

Brand: Khas

Shirt Fabric: Lawn

big list of items: Rang-e-Hayah By Khas Unstitched Lawn Collection 2023




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