09-VOL-05 Pret Chikankari Suit Online Pakistan

Surmai Pret Chikankari Lawn Suit SULP-09-VOL-05 is a beautiful and rich and beautiful women’s outfit that shows off to people the beautiful art of Chikankari sewing patterns of thread on fabric.


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Chikankari is a traditional sewing pattern of thread on fabric way of doing things from Lucknow. India is known for its detailed and delicate floral patterns created using white thread on lightweight, breathable fabrics like lawn. This particular lawn suit, SULP-09-VOL-05, features the Surmai collection’s signature design, reflecting the always-existing charm of Chikankari making things in a high-quality way. The suit is created from high-quality lawn fabric, making it perfect for warm weather and casual to semi-formal occasions.

The lightweight and comfortable nature of lawn fabric makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear or special. Events during spring and summer seasons. The outfit contains a beautifully decorated with pattern of thread kameez tunic, cross stitch a matching dupatta scarf, and coordinating pants or shalwar. Adding to the rich beauty and grace of the group of performers or objects.

The Chikankari work on the kameez places to display things to people detailed floral repeating ideas, creating a fancy or smart and fancy or smart look.

Surmai Pret Chikankari Lawn Suit SULP-09-VOL-05 is designed for modern women. Who appreciate traditional things in a high-quality way and desire a blend of cultural history with modern fashion.

Whether attending a casual gathering or a festive celebration. This group of performers or objects is sure to make a beautiful statement and leave a lasting impression. Clearly showing grace and politeness, this Chikankari lawn suit is a perfect addition to any woman’s clothing. Lifting raising up her style with its always-existing attractive quality.

Color: Black

Brand: Surmai

Shirt Fabric: Lawn

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